Nothing like a Good Fight

I must admit I like reading a good fighting scene in a book–when the hero gets to throw down his gloves and just have it out with the antagonist. (Of course it’s generally  the villain who starts the fight.) I like writing it even more. Maybe that’s why I write historical novels–so the loser can’t sue the winner!

You might wonder why a good little Christan girl is so violent, but what can I say–I’m a martial artist. I have a second degree black belt (which is only impressive if you aren’t martial artiest) and I used to instruct. In other words, I like to write fights into my books because:

  1. I like to choreograph. We did martial art demonstrations all the time when I was heavy into training. We would put together fight sequences and then preform for the community, the city, and sometimes during Chinese holidays. It was so much fun. Now I write it out and then have someone walk through the moves with me to make sure it does flow (esp when one of my characters has an impairment, such as use of only one arm, or an injured leg, making them dependent on a crutch.)
  2. I believe the need to protect is ingrained in a man’s internal wiring. Take my friend with only use of one arm. He was about to leave his wife and children because he felt he was no longer any use to them. Then he took his frustrations out on the man who had tried to murder his wife and hurt his family. He felt a lot better (though not physically better) after that.
  3. I’m just plain mean to my characters–esp, the hero of the story. I have been known to shoot him, hang him, shoot him again, make him endure torture…even amputations are not unheard of. In short, a fist fight is going to hurt…but it could be worse. (And as long as he gets the girl in the end, that’s what really matters, doesn’t it?)
  4. It breaks up the monotony of a good romance 😉

Here you might start wondering, why the heroine doesn’t get to get dirty with her fists. Maybe she will. But not is she doesn’t have too. My husband loves to say that I could kill him with my pinky. He brags it to all his friends and it makes me smile because I think he could probably give me a run for my money. He is over six feet tall and pretty solid. He has also had some martial art training. One of the reasons I fell for him was that if we were ever mugged in a dark ally, I wouldn’t have to protect him. I could sit back and take pics:)




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I love my husband, play with my children, write novels and try my best to live life to the fullest!
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