Why I Started Writing Again

As I mentioned in my last post, shortly after I met my husband I stopped writing for about four years. I was busy living and starting a family. Once in a while I would pick up one of my finished manuscripts and work on an edit, but nothing new.

Then a friend died.

Josh was 23, but even in that short life he had accomplished amazing things — writing music and releasing an album, for just one example. (Here is a sample!)


While I was attending his funeral, I was struck with the realization that I couldn’t wait for tomorrow — or for any later date. Writing was my passion, my dream, and I had to do it now. I went home and within the week registered for a creative writing course at the university that I had been talking about for years. I began forcing myself to write for one hour every day, even if I was exhausted and felt like my mind was broken, which was a common sensation for me.

For the first few months it was painful — actually and literally. My brain had gotten lazy, and writing something creative after a long, busy day wasn’t fun. It was closer to some strange form of torture I’m sure evil geniuses use to destroy their enemies … But slowly it became easier. Then it became fun again (take that, evil genius!). And now I can’t stop …

Whats more, from the feedback I have been getting about my recent novel, I know I am close to achieving my dream of being published.

I encourage everyone to think about that thing they have been putting off until tomorrow, and to do it, or at least start it today! You don’t know if you have tomorrow.

Thank you, Josh!


About angelacouch

I love my husband, play with my children, write novels and try my best to live life to the fullest!
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One Response to Why I Started Writing Again

  1. Heather says:

    Angie, this is not only a beautiful tribute but a breath of fresh inspiration. Both your realization and your determination fire my own imagination at the possibilities, and that’s a welcome boost. Thank you so much for sharing this! All the best!

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