Humanity’s True Test


This will be short and sweet as I am lost in the depths of writing a novel and hate coming up for air! I was recently discussing with my hubby the atmosphere of most of my novels and noted that they are generally set around times of war. Check it out:

Midnight’s Miracle – post World War II

In Freedom and War (with two books leading up to it) American Civil War

More than Happiness – American Revolutionary War

Tear of a Dragon (fantasy) A war that attempted to wipe out a whole civilization.

Measure of Creation – the thick of World War II

And now I’m writing what I’ve titled: Midnight’s Escape – which begins with the Soviet’s march on Berlin at the end of World War II, and deals with some of the authorities that took place in that place and time.  But no, I’m not a violent person. In fact, I generally don’t like watching or reading about violence. I am that person covering their eyes when the shooting starts in the movies. So why in the world am I writing about such violent times (and yes, I even include fighting scenes — I am a Martial Artist and do appreciate action — though they are generally not overly graphic)?

I came to the following conclusions: In times of war, humanity is put on trial. When a person is expected to kill, as well as be willing to sacrifice their own life. When it is easier to not see your enemy as individuals with perhaps just as valid a reason to be there are you. When both hate and love are felt in extremes.  When faith is tested. When a person is faced with the very fabric of what and who they are. Fear. Hate. Sorrow. Pain. Sacrifice. When a human is most human in the fundamental meaning of the word.

There is something about taking a character and putting them in situations where the tapestry of their  core ethics, beliefs and morality are challenged in the  extreme, and watch to see what survives and what is torn to shreds.

[To be honest, I am finding Post World War Two almost as disturbing as the middle of the Nazi regime, for the revenge and brutality acted out upon unarmed men and civilians, that made some of the allies just as evil and degenerate as the officers they were trying at Nuremberg for war crimes. How great is my respect for the soldiers on all sides who did not lose their sense of right and wrong in such times as those — who rose above everything around them and did their best to be both honorable and moral.]


I could spend hours writing about all this and expressing myself better than this short glance at the subject, but I am too busy spending hours writing in depth about all this as I render it in fiction!



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