Parenting in a Super-Hero Cape

I'm sorry - you don't get to see a picture of me in it!

I’m sorry – you don’t get to see a picture of me wearing it!

At reading the title, a lot of people will probably think I mean to tell them how to be a “super” parent. All I can really say to that is… good luck! I do think this might help you on your path, however. When I talk about parenting in a super-hero cape, I’m being pretty literal. Find an old sheet, cut out a nice panel of material (long enough to catch the wind under it when you “fly” through the house), attach it to a string or Velcro (being aware as you make your choice that strings can choke you when a child abruptly latches onto the back of the cape, and Velcro can scratch your neck if not attached properly.)

And then wear it!

I know, sounds crazy, but it will change how you discipline, how you clean your house and fix your meals, how you interact with your children and maybe even how you flirt with your spouse!

My three year old is into batman right now (and every other superhero) and likes to wear a cape. One afternoon while I was tying it on him, I noticed the bright orange cape I had found for my husband’s stocking (just for the fun of it). I decided I would give it a try. Soon my son and I were freeing the house from the villain of clutter. Instead of being a chore, it became a game. Toys were soon put away, dinner was made, and mostly while interacting in a fun way with my kids. Even discipline was done with a sense of fun and humor (I try to keep my discipline about being responsible for actions, and not just punishment).

If cleaning your house in a cape doesn’t make you feel special, I don’t know what will!

In reality, it’s not just about wearing a cape – it’s remembering not to take yourself too seriously. Remember to play! Remember to make-believe! Remember that life can be fun!

I dare you 😉



About angelacouch

I love my husband, play with my children, write novels and try my best to live life to the fullest!
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4 Responses to Parenting in a Super-Hero Cape

  1. Loved your post. I just might have to try doing my dishes with a super hero cape on.

  2. Heather Baverstock says:

    Kaelyn just looked at me funny but then again what can you expect from a 6 month old? 😛

  3. Laura Couch says:

    If you can’t have fun with your kids doing what has to be done, you are going to miss a lot of the fun you could have had. Wear the cape!

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