You Might Be a Writer If…

This is dedicated to all those strange people known (or unknown) as writers. You know who you are. But if not, you might be one of us if:

  • You can’t finish  reading a book, before you have to set it down because you came up with an idea for one of your own.
  • You have a hard time finishing a story, because you have at least 5  more forming/ complete in your brain.
  • You can’t enjoy a long bath because you get an idea while relaxing and you have to get out to write it down (yes, this blog was so conceived)
  • Your three year old opens a word doc. instead of a fun, colorful game geared for his age. He spends the next twenty minutes writing randomness (Mom does it, it must be epic.)
  • You start narrating your own day to day activities in the third person – while you’re doing them.
  • Your spouse asks you what’s wrong because you’re making faces at the computer (actually you are trying to figure out how to describe an expression!)
  • You can’t read someone’s published work without picking out spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or just thinking, “They should have written it this way, instead.”
  • Your biggest dread is when you finish the book, and have to then sum it up in a page short synopsis, or worse yet… a sentence or two log!
  • You sit down to write for an hour, only to glance up five hours later and wonder who was tinkering with the clock. (You wish they would turn it back so you have time to finish!)
  • While someone tells you their life’s woes, you pick out parts that will fit in your next story. (…Of course I would never do this!)

  • You feel jealousy over every published work in the library.
  • You spend hours fantasizing what the cover of your book might someday look like.

Of course this is just a partial list, so please share some more. I look forward to hearing from you!


About angelacouch

I love my husband, play with my children, write novels and try my best to live life to the fullest!
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One Response to You Might Be a Writer If…

  1. arranbhansal says:

    I love this! So true

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