11th of November and Christmas Decorations?


So you might be wondering, “Why are you writing about this a week after the fact- crazy person- just decorate for Christmas!” The truth is, I already put thought into it and we can’t let all that go to waste now, can we?

First, a couple things about me. I love our veterans and Remembrance (Veteran’s) day has always been important to me. The first Novel I wrote was based on World War II and the people who both gave their lives and survived Hell. (I’m being literal here – not swearing!) I’ve spent too much time researching and listening to their stories to not have respect.

Second, I love the feeling of anticipation- honestly,that’s the best part of Christmas (who cares about presents and chocolate! Oh, wait…) Before I had toddlers to eat my tree, I would often decorate on November 1st – or if I was in a really obstinate mood – October 31st! (I’d apologize to all the Halloween buffs, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be sincere.)

I didn’t even consider that the two were conflicting.

Isn’t it possible to do both? I mean, aren’t our veterans, in a lot of ways, the reason we celebrate Christmas? They have given us that freedom. Didn’t they miss Christmas with their families so we don’t have to? Maybe the point isn’t that we shouldn’t decorate for Christmas, but that we should thank them for it!

The more I thought about it, the more I decided that one of these days when my kids are a little older and start to “get it” (And won’t pull the tree over while trying to throw ornaments across the room), I want to decorate for Christmas in November 11th.

That day would look something like this:

  • Join a memorial service
  • Have lunch (Food is important- especially if the kids are still young)
  • Watch a 1940s Christmas/World War II movie that depicts what it was like to have loved ones away. “Since you went Away” comes to mind, but I haven’t seen it recently enough to be sure if it would be my choice.
  • Start putting up the Christmas tree with decorations you would have found (or made) during the 40s. Tell stories and discuss what it would be like if Daddy was at war, or what it would be like to be stuck in a foxhole on the other side of the world. Sing “I’ll be home for Christmas” etc.
  • End the evening with a war classic like “The Longest Day” (a must watch for everyone).

So there it is, my opinion- do with it as you will. Feel free to let me know what you really think! 😉


About angelacouch

I love my husband, play with my children, write novels and try my best to live life to the fullest!
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