Confessions of a Writer/Mom

I sit down and grab my laptop. My ten month old is sleeping and my two year old seem to be having fun with his cars.  Of course toys are everywhere, my kitchen is covered with random crumbs- both floor and counter-top, and the laundry is piling up. I probably should have done that yesterday. But here I am with fingers glued to key board, not caring what I write, so long as I’m writing!

As I write, a pile of clean diapers is forming beside me. Soon they cover the couch. I know I will have to deal with it at some point but at the moment all I can think is, “Good, he’s happy!”

Then I smell it and I realize my time is up… in one minute, and I try to squeeze a few last epic words onto the page. Then, setting the computer aside before I get distracted again, I grab my kid, one of the many diapers – which may or may not be his – and head to his bedroom to find some wipes.

By the time I finish with my lectures on the usefulness of the invention called a toilet – and how spider-man underwear is cooler than a diaper – I realize my daughter could wake up any moment! There is no time to spare. I race back to the laptop, talk Liam into listening to the “Piano Guys” without watching the accompanying video, remind him that it’s still mommy’s turn, open my word document, think about where I left off and what I need to say next, lay my fingers on the keyboard and begin to type. One word- two word-

Baby is awake.

It’s cuddle time and play time. Diaper time, too. The clock soon reads somewhere between four and five. Within the next hour or so I walk around the house singing “A Spoon Full of Sugar” all the time wondering how Mary Poppins got the toys to put themselves away!

No such luck.

If it’s a normal day dinner will be on the table and the house neat and somewhat orderly  by the time my sponsor/editor walks in the door. If it’s a good day my hair is brushed and I’m wearing real clothes (as opposed to comfortable, fuzzy, supper baggy “non real” clothes)

Either way, if a wrote something, it is a great day!



About angelacouch

I love my husband, play with my children, write novels and try my best to live life to the fullest!
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